Empower your users and comply with data regulations


Reduce risk of non-compliance

Our solution ensures compliance with personal data regulations. It fosters trust from which long-term customer relationships can be built by empowering individuals to control how their data is managed, used and shared. In addition, we manage data regulatory changes so you can focus on your core business.


Access more data with higher quality

Our solution provides an opportunity to engage with individuals in real-time and leverage the engagement for better data quality. In addition, it creates transparency between you and your users, enabling them to share their personal data confidently. This ensures access to better and more data, protecting your digitalisation investments.


Verify data authenticity, gain trust

Our data exchange services ensure the authenticity and trustworthiness of all data processing in your application using verifiable credentials and cryptographic proofs. In addition, we provide zero-code integration to your data workflows. You can offer advanced personalised services, benefitting both you and the individual. platform overview

What is is a consented data exchange platform that enables access to the right data for businesses while complying with regulations. It helps organisations (both private and public) to unlock the value of personal data using centralised and decentralised (Web 3.0) technologies.

Every personal data transaction is based on a signed data agreement making it trustworthy, immutable and auditable.

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Data4Diabetes - Your virtual pancreas is a decentalised app (dApp) and the winning entry at the Swedish innovation contest, organised by SAS Institue, Vinnova and Beat Diabetes Foundation. "The solution enables patients to control and share their own data for purposes chosen by the patient. The potential of this solution is a new level of interoperability which could impact and improve the lives of thousands of people, living with type 1 diabetes." (Jury motivation)

The solution is powered by NordXData, a decentralised health data space served by

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Here, we showcase how an individual can carry his or her Covid-19 test results (or vaccination cards) digitally from a "Test Center" and exchange it with ease at the Airline check-in.

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Data Verifier

This showcases how verification services can be adapted to verify any data. The data could be issued via a PKI infrastructure or via SSI technologies, in compliance with data regulations and adopts data minimisation, protecting individual's privacy. Furthermore, all parties can audit every data exchange transaction via the mutually signed Data Agreement.

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Our Key Benefits

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Reduce risk of non-compliance

Manage personal data usage as per regulations via a dashboard and retrieve a consent log that holds up in a court of law. stores only the consent data.

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OPEX pricing

You pay for usage per month with committed usage discounts. Easy-to-use dashboard for personal data management in a cost efficient way.

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Seamless integrations for real-time consents

Integrate into your IT system using RESTFul APIs. Signed consents are recorded and stored in a standardized manner with real-time notifications.

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Deploy granular user preference centers

Let your consumers manage their privacy and ensure data accuracy through automatically deployed, white labelled privacy portals/preference centers and mobile panels.

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Enable data exchange and portability

Prepare for the future; build your data exchange ecosystem based on consents. Become a “trusted provider” for consumer personal data and monetise your personal data assets.

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Provide digital wallets

Extend your applications with a digital wallet. Let your users carry their data and credentials within the wallet application, complying to advanced security and privacy requirements.

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