Unlock the power of personal data

Engage and empower your customers while complying with regulations

Beyond Compliance.

Build trust and inspire loyalty

Our solution takes you beyond data protection regulatory compliance, builds a long-term relationship and generates loyalty with your customers based on trust, empowering them to control how their data is managed, used and shared.

Save Money.

Increase efficiency and enhance services

Our pay-per-user SaaS solution is a real-time mediation platform with services to facilitate personal data consent transactions between you and your customers. Our RESTful APIs and SDKs can easily be integrated to your existing IT infrastructure, portals and mobile app. Alternatively, the iGrant.io app provides a convenient tool for your customers to manage all their personal data across multiple organisations.

Make Money.

Turn your data liability into an asset

Our data exchange solution allows you to turn personal data from a potential liability and headache into a monetizable asset, without compromising compliance with data protection and privacy regulations. With our data exchange capability you can offer individually tailored services and product bundles to your customers, creating value, trustworthiness and a competitive edge.

What is iGrant.io?

iGrant.io is a cloud-based personal data exchange and consent mediation platform that enables a fully transparent and trustable data sharing economy. It helps businesses (both private and public) to unlock the value of personal data in a fully compliant manner while preserving individual privacy. Apart from lowering the cost of compliance to regulations (such as GDPR in the EU, DEPA in India etc), it helps companies to become a trusted brand by enabling transparency in how personal data is used. It also enables exchange of personal data complying data regulations.

Our Key Benefits


Reduce risk of non-compliance

Manage personal data usage as per regulations via a dashboard and retrieve a consent log that holds up in a court of law. iGrant.io stores only the consent data.

OPEX pricing

You pay for usage per month with committed usage discounts. Easy-to-use dashboard for personal data management in a cost efficient way.

Seamless integrations for real-time consents

Integrate into your IT system via RESTFul APIs. Consents are recorded and stored centrally th via standardized model through real-time notifications and signing..

Deploy granular user preference centers

Let your consumers manage their privacy and ensure data accuracy through automatically deployed white labelled privacy portals/preference centers and mobile panels.

Enable data exchange and portability

Prepare for the future; build your data exchange ecosystem based on consents. Become a “trusted provider” for consumer personal data.

Leverage the value of trust

Give your company an edge and strengthen your brand. Improve your trust ranking. Consumers prefer to deal and interact with organisation that honour integrity and act with transparency.

Our viewpoints

We say "YES" to data sharing

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