Scenario: Charlotte wants to reuse her passport data and covid certificate to check in at the TravelCompany checkin desk.

  • First, Charlotte adds her passport and EU Digital Covid Certificate to her Data Wallet. Once added, she can reuse and share it with the TravelCompany after signing a data agreement.

  • The TravelCompany receives verified quality data from Charlotte’s passport along with the vaccination certificate, paperless and digital. The green tick mark presented in the QR field is a verification that the data is not tampered with. Once the green tick mark appears, the form is automatically filled with the data requested.

Download the Data Wallet app from AppStore or PlayStore

CLICK the “ID Card” icon on the Data Wallet on the right corner.

CLICK ‘+’ to start scanning your passport.

Follow the instructions on the mobile screen to add the Passport to the Data Wallet. Repeat the same to add the EU Digital Covid Certificate as well.

Proceed to steps 2 to exchange the data to the TravelCompany.

From your Data Wallet app, click the "Share Data" button to scan the QR code. Follow instructions and confirm sharing data.