Scenario: Charlotte wants to travel to Sweden and at the airport she will have to show a valid digital COVID-19 vaccination certificate

  • Charlotte converts her physical vaccination certificate to digital and adds to wallet (Instructions in tab 01 below). Once added, he can reuse and share it with the TravelCompany after signing a data agreement.

  • The TravelCompany receives verified quality data paperless and digital. The green tick mark presented in the QR field is a verification that the data is not tampered with.

Download the Data Wallet app from AppStore or PlayStore

CLICK + next to “Data Wallet” to start adding data.

Choose the card type you wish to add. E.g. EU Digital COVID Certificate

Follow the instructions on the mobile screen to add the COVID certificate to the Data Wallet.

Proceed to steps 2a or 2b to exchange the COVID certificate data to the TravelCompany.

Scan the QR code to verify your EU COVID cerificate

Scan the QR code to verify your India COVID cerificate