Example scenario: David wants to travel to Sweden and is required to show a valid COVID-19 certificate (valid test - or vaccination certificate).

  • To prove that he is virus free and allowed to travel, David gets a test from a recognised COVID-19 Test Centre.

  • The Test Centre issues its test results in the form of digital certificates which David can store in his Data Wallet and share with the Travel Company.

David visits the Test Centre.

Using the Data Wallet, David registers to the Test Center by scanning the QR code provided.

  • CLICK the “+” to open the scanning function (main screen)
  • CLICK the “+” again to connect to the organisation (organisation screen)
  • SCAN the QR code (provided to the right of this text)
  • CLICK “Connect” to connect to the Test Center

The Test Center is now listed as a connected organisation

David identifies himself. The Test Centre verifies David’s identity and David gets tested for COVID-19. Once the test result is available, test results are issued

  • by FILLING OUT the form to the right (a so called form based issue).

NOTE: The form schema (what fields are included in the form) is optimised based on the purpose e.g. corona passport, visitor registration and access.

A notification is now sent to David’s Data Wallet.

David sees there is a notification and pushes the bell-shaped notification icon at the top left of the app.

The test result appears on the screen in the form of a certificate, which David accepts and now holds in his Data Wallet.

Test result:

David presents himself at the airport check-in desk and is requested to produce a valid COVID-19 test result.

  • By SCANNING the QR code (at the right), David is asked to
  • Connect (CLICK CONNECT BUTTON) to the Travel Company and then to
  • Share test result data (CLICK EXCHANGE DATA BUTTON)

The Travel Company receives David’s test result, verifies its authenticity and checks its compliance with the airline’s travel requirements.